How to Change the Ringtone on HTC One M8

In spite of having the few month back HTC model or the most recent one here’s a quick access to learn about how to change ringing tone in HTC One handset. It’s not matter you have new or previous handset models.  Here it’s a point that you get a call from your family members of some sterile that your wireless transporter locate as your ringtone. It’s something another that to get a call from a family member and listen to an audio you love to hear hence that puts you in a well gained mood. Here’s how to ringing tone in HTC One M8.

However here you have all the access to download the new updated software or any upgrading only thing is you must have a HTC One handset and here you may address here a big change in HTC One M8 compare to previous handset which is basically very different from what’s on your HTC One why because this new handset includes a special feature called sense 6. It is not only for the new device but is compatible to all HTC One models provided you must upgrade it To observe if your transporter has unlocked it for your handset, Go to Settings app. Click About, then Click Software Updates.

Selecting a Song You previously Had

The handset runs with Google’s Android OS. You may not be mush acquainted today, however you will discover that software running on your handset is in fact liberal concerns letting you mess with things while not negated your assurance. In case of ringtone I think it is far superior to the iPhone 5s. By iPhone you’re in fact in a combine if not you wish to buy a ringtone straight from the iTunes Store.

From the HTC One, you can select every song you previously own as a ringtone with a small number of key presses.

Initially, unlock your HTC One handset. If kept password just enter it. If not just click on the lock icon at the base of your HTC One’s screen and drag it up.

Since by default the HTC One handset take to blink feed, a fast method to look your social media contacts, the buzzing news etc. Don’t click any stories or swipe to the right to disclose additional home pages. Instead of that, click on the icon at center bottom of your screen which contains nine dots in the arrangement of a rectangle.

Here the list of every app you installed in your handset. Now Find the Settings app in your catalog of installed applications. If you have rearranged your apps next Settings could be totally somewhere in the catalog. You can click on the drop down menu in the top left corner to rearrange your apps in alphabetical sort. This is supposed to make the Settings app much easier to find. When you do, click on the Settings app to open it.


In Android, settings are prearranged base on precedence and what they do. Ringtones are a private trait so stare for the private area and then click on Personalize. For Instance, it’s the option second from the bottom of the screen.


After that click on the Ringtone option which is at the bottom of your display to open the Ringtone settings region.


Each HTC handset comes with two default ringtones unless it is unlocked by us. As you’re reading this, odds are that you haven’t added any new ringtones. No problem. Click on any ringtone in the catalog to perceive sound and then click Apply if you find one in the catalog you like.


After that you now find the song you’d akin to use from your music set and click on it. You can make an order a song if you think it’s too long once you’ve chosen it. Just click Ok if you like the song the way it is although.


Truly it’s enough you required to do. No buying additional tracks unless you desire to and there are no intermediary social gathering apps necessary to get going away.


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