How to find royalty free stock images?

Royalty Free Images are those which comes under certain license and usage policy but you don’t need to pay royalty for using them. Generally they are available under non-transferable, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, multiple-use sub-license. If you are a blogger and you need images which you can use in your article to make it more attractive, you would like to get free images. Many times you are asked to give credit link to images which is fine. Stock images has better quality than normal images hence it is a good idea to use them in your blog posts.

image credit:

How to find royalty free stock images?

There are many websites from where you can find free stock images and photos. I have a list to share with you. Let’s have a look over the list of free stock photos:


Go through these websites and find the best stock images absolutely for free. It’s good to give a credit to the website for the free images you get.

Hope this short and simple write up helped you finding the best sites to find free stock images. Alternatively you can use Google advanced image search which I use to find Indian stock images for my advertising campaigns.


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