How to update windows 8 on Old PC

If you are an owner of old computer looking to upgrade it with the latest Windows 8, you should essentially follow some of the important points to get your job done without bearing huge expenses and in relatively less duration.

Compatibility Check for the System

Before you move on to upgrade Windows 8, you have to make sure that your computer system and favorite programs are compatible with the latest operating system.

Required Free Space to Upgrade

Requirement of the free space for upgrade of Windows 8 is solely dependent on the version want by users. For instance, individuals willing to avail 32-bit model should make sure to possess 3,000 MB of the complete available space, while in case of 64-bit type of operating system, users should assure of containing relatively higher i.e. about 3,850 MB of the entire advent memory.


Minimum Requirements for Installation

If you were operating your device via Window 7, you would not face big difficulty to upgrade the latest version as Windows 8 over the same hardware. The reason for this is that Microsoft ensured that Windows 8 has backward compatibility with Windows 7.
Even if your computer system has older Windows versions, you can go its upgrade without any difficulty or making any type of compromise on PC’s functions. However, you should essentially know about the minimum requirements of the device to perform the actual installation process. These will include

  • Processor operating at the speech of 1GHz (Giga Hertz) or even faster speed
  • Minimum 1 GB to maximum 2GB RAM as the Memory Device
  • Hard Disk Space starting from 16GB equal to 32bits to up to 20GB equal to 64 bits
  • Lastly, Graphics Card, containing WDDM driver and MS DirectX 9 graphical device

Obtain Advanced Features

If you want to use some of the advanced features, you should make sure of fulfilling other important requirements. Firstly, in order to make use of touch features, you should get touch screen monitor or tablet/laptop. Windows store apps require the minimum screen resolution equal to 1024×768, while for snapping apps, screen resolution equal to 1366×768 is mandatory. Lastly, in case of having unusual screen resolution, you have to choose for the registry hack to adjust the entire resolution in order to operate Windows 8.

License Requirement

Whether you choose to buy the latest version of Windows 8 from Microsoft Company or any other retailer by the help of download or over the disc, you will expect to have standardized retail license. This implies that you would easily install the same over any empty drive or your computer system, within the virtual machine or over already existing and old version of the operating system. For this, you have to choose the option of clean install.

Booting and Installation

When computer users boot their PCs with the help of created installation media at the time of downloading ISOs, like USB flash drive and DVD, you would access your personal files, but do not able to store your apps. Hence, in this situation, you have to re-install your apps from the Store.


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