5 Chrome Extensions Bloggers Should use

Bloggers have lot of task on their shoulder. Even single day is not sufficient for them to accomplish their daily work. In that case, I need to introduce you with some Chrome Extension, which will not only improve your productivity but also keep you stress-free from your endless work and improve your performance.

These days Chrome is the best browser we have and if you use it then I would recommend you to opt for the few best extensions for chrome to support you in many ways for the blogging activities.

Here are 5 enlisted best Chrome Extensions I am presenting below:

1. SEOMoz Toolbar

For any Blogger SEO is the primary factor. In that case, SEOMoz Toolbar is a good option for the accessibility. Extension provides you the information of the website including domain authority, page authority, on-page SEO elements and the Moz Rank.

2. AddThis

For the bloggers, social media is the most vital thing. AddThis is one of the best-performed Chrome Extension for sharing your blog online. It is good to say that this app can let you share your thing over 300 websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc and many microblogging sites even. It has also additional function like transplanting pages and you can customize it easily.  When it comes to speed, AddThis is a tough competition for other apps.

3. goo.gl URL Shortener

There are various online tools that keep your URL short. One of them is from Google i.e goo.gl Shortener. By using extension, you can make your URL short and this will be copied in clipboard if you are on webpage.

4. Zemanta

Zemanta is a most comprehensive tool, which provides you access to the content on the web while you are composing your blog post. Using this tool, you need not to go searching for other media option. You will get option for links to articles, tags, images from the web so that you can improve your content.

5. Awesome Screenshot

This is the best extension available for screenshot. For the bloggers to explain the matter apparently, they tag screenshot on the post. Using the tool, you can cut the portion of the page or the whole page according to your requirement then after use text, arrow and shapes to annotate the shot.

All the tools out here are an extension and Chrome makes it more convenient and functional.


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