BlackBerry Announces Smartphone below $200

Blackberry has announced a lower end Z3 smartphone, code named “Jakarta” to be launched very first in Indonesia after which it will move to other markets. The low end phone comes as a part of BlackBerry’s strategy of maintaining and further building on its comparatively strong market share position in the emerging markets. The Smartphone is expected to go on sale in Indonesia by April.

John Chen, who took over as the group’s chief executive late last year intends to focus more on the BlackBerry’s profitable services segment, the one which helps large government and corporate clients in securing and managing mobile devices on their internal networks. He admitted that BlackBerry’s operating system in terms of security worked best, especially in government sector & regulated industries like the banking and telecom.

There was a time once when smart phones were available only to business executives or government officials & that was a time BlackBerry cashed into this segment. But now with Smartphones becoming commonplace, more and more people choose to bring their own Smartphones to work. Very few companies are now issuing BlackBerry’s to all their employees.

Chen is driving the strategy of moving away from the failed consumer centric marketing and refocusing on large business customers, thus intending to occupy 30% of the enterprise market. BlackBerry isn’t really giving up on the consumer segment of the market but looking for a way to balance the two sides.

Backed up by this strategy, the Z3 Smartphone presents itself as a ‘work-centric’ budget phone that can be used for personal use as well. Let’s take a look at what all features this phone offers:

~ All touch, 5.0 inch screen (540x 960 p) with a pixel density of 220 PPI

~ Dual Core 1200 MHz Cortex A7 processor

~ Operating on BlackBerry 10.2.1 Operating System

~ Internal Storage of 8 GB

~ 1.5 GB RAM

~ Rear Camera of 5Mega Pixels

~ Front Camera of 1.1 Mega Pixels

The features that actually sell the Z3 Smartphone out to businesses are:

~The BlackBerry Hub feature is a one point stop for users to access not only their work email, but also their personal emails, social network, Calendars, BBM messages, networking upgrades etc.

~ BlackBerry Keyboard studies your usage of words and offers it back to you so as to facilitate faster and accurate typing. For the Indonesian model, the keyboard offers the best Bahasa typing experience on touchscreen including multiple-language support. This feature allows the user to type in upto 3 languages at a time

~ Story Maker feature aids in creating a collection of photos or videos together, clubbed with music and sound effects to produce HD movies that can be instantly shared on YouTube

~ Instant preview feature allows users to be faster in their response time by providing previews that bring BBM or SMS or even emails to users, irrespective of whatever the user is doing on the smartphone

~ BlackBerry 10 browser is incredibly fast with responsive scrolling, zooming and it’s the industry benchmark for html5 performance on all smartphones.

~ Easy Sharing feature in this smartphone keeps a track of the files you share, with whom you share so as to save the time that goes into saving or sharing of documents. This feature just gets smarter with every share.

This smartphone has been created completely with a business angle and is being offered at a low budget price of less than 200$. Only time will tell if BlackBerry’s strategy proves fruitful in improving its market share or not. But this smartphone is surely going to make a bang when it appears in Indonesia this April.


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