From easiest to the most difficult language to learn

To learn a second language requires a great deal of commitment and tolerance. Whichever language you are planning to learn needs your attention, and your internal level of interest and passion makes it easy or hard. However, to learn English can be easy of any of us coz this is considered as a global language and we all know how to speak in English more or less.


Still there are some factors that make it easy or tough to learn a second language, like vocabulary, grammar and vowels and consonants. Here is a list from some of the simplest to hardest languages to learn.


Spanish is supposed to be one of the simple language to learn because its every word is written phonetically. The language is vowel-heavy and easy to pronounce for non-speakers. Spanish has also had a major impact on modern English, particularly in the US. As a result, many Spanish words sound similar to their English counterparts. So to learn Spanish is considered to be the easy one.


We can say as Spanish is influenced by English, the Italian dialect sets the standard for all of the Romance languages (including Spanish, French, Portuguese and Romanian). Italian has remained significantly same as its origin. Italian alphabet has 21 letters only.


French has more verb tenses than English, and has grammatical gender too. So if you’ve studied a language such as Spanish or German, you’ll already have some preparations that will help you learn French. If not, then you’ll make lots of mistakes at first. But don’t let yourself discourage. You will ultimately get it by practice, and over time you’ll begin to see a connection in grammatical structure between English and French.


The Japanese language system is divided into three different categories. Kanji characters (Chinese origin) are logographic, which means they depict particular words or morphemes (such as prefixes and suffixes). The other two groups, hiragana (native Japanese) and katakana (non-Chinese foreign origin) depict letter sounds or syllables and contain fewer characters, but many of them have multiple pronunciations. More so, words are not separated with spaces from line to line. Tryreadingthissententenceandyouwillgettheidea.


Learning a second language might be tricky, but some foreign language systems match with English. But Arabic uses alphabets that are consist of various consonants and very few vowels that are tough to pronounce.


This language is considered to be one of the hardest languages to master completely. It doesn’t have an alphabetical system like Japanese or Korean, so each word has to be learned separately and it can take a long time. But the grammar is ferociously straightforward and there are some instability. A few signs in the kanji – Japanese language, is borrowed from the Chinese so there’ll be a few little word you’ll understand.

Always remember that everyone is different in the world so thus their priorities and understanding & grasping level. The ability of learning a new language can also vary from person to person. Motivation and the exposure to the language also have a positive effect in the process of language attainment. Also remember that if a language is ranked as difficult, it does not mean that they are impossible to learn. Even there are chances that it is not hard for you at all.


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